Loan of 1500 euros

Direct comparison of the best providers Who lacks a loan of 1500 euros and who does not want to burden his disposition for that, is advised correctly with a small loan of this size. Unfortunately, there are not so many banks that provide loans in this small size. It is of course up to you, with which provider you redeem the 1500 Euro credit.

In the credit comparison with the Bankate we are in the first place. The Bankate performs particularly well on small loan amounts, because the likelihood of occurrence here is particularly high at 80 percent. No other lending institution of this size has such a high approval rate.

Obtain a loan

This is a peak that makes it easy for creditworthy consumers to obtain a loan. The monthly installment is also very compatible with a contract period of 24 months at a price of less than 65 euros. Bundres ranked second in our research. Although the approval rate is significantly lower here, Bundres can score points so that self-employed and freelancers with the appropriate creditworthiness can also receive a loan.

At Bundres, as is the case with Bankate, it is common practice for the borrower to file his application directly on the internet and make the choice. The third rank in the credit comparison is claimed by the collective bargain with 1500 Euro credit. Consumer-friendly microcredit is also geared to the bank’s pricing, and a comparatively good approval rating of 75% proves that three-quarters of all bank-rating requests are approved.

According to the motto “Small cattle do dirt too” one should also consider, if one takes only 1500 euro, that the small installment then also once a month must be paid out. Especially for consumers who usually make a loan for all purchases, this loan will not be the first.

If credit institutions deny the loan because the revenues are too low, it is usually possible to include a guarantor in the credit agreement to end up getting the loan.